Four Drills That Improved My Football Game

The beauty of football, or soccer, is that you can have a lot of fun even if you are not the best player.I know that I will never be a world beater. But I can hold my own against friends and in local games.

I also understand, though, the amount of hard work and dedication it takes to improve at the game.Even those with natural talent must hone those skills with the proper exercises.Here are four drills that helped me improve at football over the years.

  1. Repetitive Passing

One of the best exercises to improve football technique is the repetitive passing drill. It can be done with another person or a wall!

The drill is simple – you try to complete the same type of pass as many times as possible. When I couldn’t find a partner, I would practice this drill along the side of my house.

The goal is to hone passing technique to the point where you can maneuver the ball in any direction and with different levels of speed. It is also a skill that will allow you to improve immensely in team play, as you will possess the type of passing range most players never bother to learn.

  1. Dribbling Through Cones

If you are like me, then you have designs on playing as a midfielder, winger or forward. In such positions, excellent dribbling can be very handy.

Dribbling can not only help you get past players and get a shot away, but it also helps in getting out of tight spaces in midfield. And the dribbling through cones drill will help hone those skills.

The drill is simple – set up five or six cones equal distance apart from each other. Start with the cones wider apart and practice dribbling through them with the ball. The key is to dribble correctly, even if it is at a slower pace.

I found that after a few days, I was able to perform the drill at a much faster speed. Then I would shorten the distance between the cones, as I wanted to focus on dribbling in tight spaces.

  1. Give and Go

The Give and Go drill is one that requires another participant. The drill is very easy to perform. One player starts with the ball, passes it to the other player, gets a pass back and then takes a shot on goal.

It is a great drill, because it helps hone short passing, movement in forward areas and shooting on goal first time. And both participants can switch roles after every ten shots.

  1. Man in the Middle

Most football players have seen a variation of this drill at some point. It is a great drill if you have a mini group of five or six people. Four or five players are on the outside, forming a circle. One player is in the center.

The players on the outside will pass to each other. The goal is to pass first time or after a single touch. And the player in the middle has to intercept the ball. The player on the outside who is intercepted then takes a turn as the man in the middle.

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