Ideal Sports You Should Play for Losing Those Extra Pounds!

Are you in dire need to lose weight?

It is not a hidden issue that people all over the world are suffering from obesity or being overweight. According to 2017 reports, around 775 million people including children, teenagers, and adults are obese. Hence, more people should be involved in various sports which would help one to stay fit and healthy.

Let’s check the different sports one can try out for losing weight!


Football is the king of sports as people all around the world widely view it. However, if one takes up this sport as an everyday activity, he/she will be able to shed the extra weight quickly. This sport is one of the ideal ways to lose weight as it works every muscle differently.

Playing this game burns additional fat by employing muscle fibres (slow and fast twitch).  Playing soccer burns more calories when compared to standard workouts as an individual is requires switching between anaerobic and aerobic pathways of energy.

Just a half hour of football playing will burn 260 calories for a person weighing 155 pounds. To lose one pound one would require burning 3500 calories. So, playing this outdoor game for just an hour thrice or four times a week will lead to losing two pounds or more a month.


Like soccer, swimming helps one to lose weight and get a lean physique. This activity works out different muscles in one’s body as well as one’s heart and lungs which would supply the required oxygen. It offers an excellent workout for a person’s cardiovascular system.

Swimming regularly not only reduces weight but also decreases chronic illness’ risk. Also, due to the heavy workout and distinct movements in the water, it improves an individual’s strength and flexibility.

Based on exertion level and one’s weight, one can burn calories somewhere in between 80 to 500 in just half an hour.


Growing up everyone loved cycling. However, cycling is efficient for losing weight,and even celebrities take up this sport as a part of their weight reduction process. Many people suffer from bulky arms, buttocks, and legs and if you are one of them taking up cycling will aid in toning up. There is no learning process; all one needs is to balance it and ride to a set distance daily.

When cycling a person is working out his/her leg muscles, abs, etc. which is hardest to tone. It is a superb activity for strengthening muscles and toning up as it burns 75 to 600 calories in half an hour depending on the way one pedals his/her cycle.

A few other mentionable sports that are quite helpful in losing weight are running, playing tennis, and basketball.

Involving one’s self in such healthy outdoor sports is the easiest way to reduce weight. A healthy and nutritious diet along with a few months of these activities and you will have the lean physique you desire.

So, take up an activity today to have a healthy and long life!


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