Why is Sports an Essential Part of School or College’s Curriculum?

Everyone knows that sports can be a crucial part of a school or college’s curriculum. But did you ever ponder on this and thought why so? Well, this is a question which lurks in most people’s mind. To answer this question in short, playing outdoor sports shows remarkable positive changes in body, spirit, and mind. It helps you learn about dedication, leadership, accountability, and much more.

Through this article, you can explore in detail the importance of sports in the lives of students.

  1. Health benefits

One of the essential reasons for involving sports in schools or colleges’ curriculum is for the health benefits a student receives from it. Recently, it is observed by experts that most children and adolescents are not involved in outdoor sports and eating junk food leads to them being overweight.

Involving outdoor sports like soccer, softball, basketball and other sports in schools or colleges’ programs is an ideal way of keeping children fit and healthy.

  1. Learning about teamwork and more

When playing in a team, a coach teaches players to fight for the common objective with one’s friends. It assists one to learn about effective communication and importance of teamwork. This experience aids a child to encounter problems at home or school easily.

Moreover, kids who are part of a sports team interact with others in a friendly manner and also practice cooperation as well as mutual respect. Children learn to share resources, work together, etc. and also assimilate coping with failure or success. Such interactions enable lasting friendships and deep bonding with one school or college mates. Also, when growing up it makes them outgoing and more sociable.

  • Reduces stress and boosts self-esteem

Whenever an individual is under pressure or stressing much due to studies or other school work, getting together with friends and playing a game/sport always helps to blow off steam.

Apart from stress reduction, playing sports helps in developing self-confidence. Overcoming all struggles and enjoying success in a game enhances self-confidence of a child. Achieving a goal through sports encourages one to set new goals in other areas of life and achieve them. This learning process is both rewarding and exciting for all.

  1. Lowers Negative influences

According to the Australian Sports Commission, individuals who are into sports avoid from negative influences like committing crimes, drug usage, smoking, drinking, etc. Engaging yourself in sports prevents boredom as well as prevents too much of unsupervised time.

Better academic results

Of course, taking part in sports will also mean spending time and energy. This could obviously be a distraction towards your other studies. However, it is not 100% true as playing sports require learning different tactics, and memorising other factors which are a skill-set pertinent to classwork.

All the reasons above explain why outdoor sports hold such a vital position in schools and colleges’ curriculum. It is the prime reason for teachers as well as parents encouraging children to take an active part in physical activities.

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